while we are here

While we are here, there are about 180 ongoing armed conflicts.
While we are here, the genocide in Gaza continues. 
While we are here, the Russian aggression against independent Ukraine does not stop.
While we are here, one in six people live in an area of active conflict.
While we are here, over 50 countries maintain the death penalty.
While we are here, in many parts of the world abortion is banned and homosexuality is punished with death.
While we are here, refugees die at sea, in the mountains and the forests.
While we are here, the rich get richer and the poor even poorer.
While we are here, the predatory economy keeps speculating on the environment, widening the economic gap of the population.

What does it mean to be together in an increasingly divided world? What condition must be fulfilled for this “togetherness” to really work? How can we practice collectivity to support diversity instead of excluding it? How can performative practices support integration and inclusion?

These are just some of the questions we will ask ourselves during the 54th edition of Santarcangelo Festival: the invited artists seek new forms of coexistence in which bodies – with their diversity and individuality – can function together. Our focus is the rituality of encounter, of coexisting in the same space and time, a broad rituality that embraces different cultural perspectives.

Funeral rituals, raves, decolonial practices: each of these actions involves bodies that create common spaces through performative acts. And it is this experience that particularly interests us. This year, once again, we want the Festival to be a place of encounter and exchange. We want its regenerative power to enable us to look differently, not only at the reality surrounding us but also at the bodies and spaces that are – or are not – around us. We believe that this way of being together, which escapes the logic of everyday life, has enormous potential. We want to ask ourselves what happens to us while we are here.

Tomasz Kireńczuk
Artistic Director Santarcangelo Festival