The Floaters

Hi there! If you’re reading this you would like to float, to fluctuate, to resist. Floating is a totally relaxing experience that can bring multiple benefits. If you’ve already decided to try it out, please feel at your ease: the practice of floating is very suitable for self aware people in all age groups and requires just a few precautions.

Floating is not allowed to:
People suffering from disorders like schizophrenia, epilepsy/seizure fits, 
depression, severe heart diseases/pacemaker, thrombosis, acute forms of 
People with any open wound/burn;
People during their menstrual cycle;
People with temporary dyed hair which could pollute the saline solution. You should wait at least 7 days and should have washed your head no less 
than twice from your last hair coloring session;
People with braids or dreadlocks.
It is possible to float during pregnancy, but it is advisable for you to check with your gynecologist. 

Substances to avoid before the floating session:
It is prohibited to get into the tub under the effects of alcohol or narcotics;
If you regularly take medicines, it is recommended to ask your doctor if 
there is any contraindication;
It is appropriate not to drink coffee or any energy drink in the 2-3 hours 
before the treatment as stimulants could reduce the benefits of the practice.

Norms and suggestions to follow before, during and after the immersion.

Before getting in the tub, it is necessary:
To accurately wash your body and hair;
To take your makeup off;
To take your watch, earrings, necklaces and all of your accessories off as 
the saline solution could modify their colours;
To urinate, so that you will not need to use the toilet during your floating 

During the floating session, it is advisable to:
Be careful that the salt water does not get in your eyes, as it could cause burning eyes;
In case your eyes get in contact with the salt water, clean them with the dry towel you will find next to the tub.

After the floating session, we suggest you to:
Take a shower to remove the salt from your body. Please pay attention to the salt left in your ears;
Do not rush to be immediately productive. Instead, try to procrastinate, to resist.

We wish you a long-lasting period of unproductive resistance,

The Floaters