Maria Magdalena Kozlowska / The Netherlands

Workshop. Opera to the People

July 109.00-14.00

A singing workshop open to all: you don’t have to be a singer, but singers are more than welcome. The participants, together with Maria Magdalena Kozlowska, author of the performance Opera to the People, will create the Coro di Santarcangelo / Santarcangelo Choir (scegliete pure quella che preferite). It’s not a traditional choir, though: the music will originate from the sounds that belong to our daily lives. Each participant will create their own score, and together they will find a visual language to translate it. At the end of the workshop, the choir will perform on the balcony (qui ci sat nacho rooftop o terrace, depende dal Tipo di terrazzo)i of Santarcangelo’s town hall.

Free entrance
  • Sala Consiliare
    piazza Ganganelli, 1

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