Camille Louis / France

Workshop. From drama to dramaturgy – Supporting creation as a mode of action

July 99.00-13.00 / 15.00-16.30
July 109.00-13.00 / 15.00-19.00
July 1110.00-13.00 / 15.00-19.00

This workshop is not a theoretical top-down seminar given by a supposed expert in dramaturgy to supposed ignorants. It is a common space and time offered to each participant, whatever his/ her field of creation is, for interrogating his/ her own practice and for sharing interrogations that practice gives to each one.
Camille Louis, philosopher and dramaturg (working notably with Philippe Quesne, Léa Drouet, Winter Family…) will propose certain ways of considering what we do when we compose, which movement are we supporting when we pass from a text to a texture, from an existing story, situation, event… to a composition of experience offered to audience. Far from expertise but very close to experiences, this is the dynamic that the workshop will follow, alternating collective moment, micro group and “one-to-one” session in between Camille and one participant.

Free entrance
  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

For more info and registration: / +39 0541 626185.
It is necessary to specify in the subject of the email the title of the workshop and to send the following information useful for the inscription: Name and Surname, Place and Date of birth, Telephone and Address. It is also requested a brief cover letter written in English to be attached.

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"Boundary Games"
directed by Léa Drouet, dramaturgy Camille Louis
Kanal - Centre Pompidou, Bruxelles