Sara Sguotti, Arianna Ulian Florence / Venice, Italy

Workshop: CrePa – con noi

Florence / Venice, Italy
11 July 10:00 am
Free entrance
Free entrance
11 July 10:00 am
due performer in mezzo alla folla

“CrePa – con noi” is a workshop on choreographic and poetic writing in which the image of a crack is used to reveal fractures, scars and fragments of the participants’ lives. Physically, the crack can be seen as an event that modifies the body and shows its fragility; metaphorically, it is a disruption of the experienced personal and collective balances. Sharing our words will define a common semantic area, whereas the physical practice will allow the participants to incorporate their meanings and sounds. Resisting judgements or self-analytical temptations, the truth of each private and public crack will go from the accuracy of the word that names it to the strength of the body that enacts it.

The workshop lasts 3 hours. It is open to all bodies and all ability levels and does not require any physical or literary skills. We recommend comfortable clothes and invite all participants to bring their own equipment to work comfortably (mats, pillows). We also encourage you to work barefoot if possible. “CrePa”‘s semantic area of reference is in Italian, but the workshop will be conducted in Italian and English.


Sara Sguotti loves tangles of thoughts and is interested in the single, plural and collective body and all forms of micro-collectivity. She collaborates with many artists and institutions, including Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Compagnia Anton Lachky, Damien Jalet, Atelier delle Arti, Simona Bertozzi, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Nicola Cisternino and Perypezye Urbane. Her personal research begins with S.solo (winner of DNA appunti coreografici and the Vetrina Anticorpi 2017). Sguotti’s other works are “S.rituale”, “Dedica Lontana”, “S.O.P.” and “IHTBH”.

Writer and performer Arianna Ulian has a background in philosophy of science and contemporary music. She performed in various ensembles and participated in sound and word workshops with Fred Frith, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Marcello Fois, Vitaliano Trevisan and Giulio Mozzi. She is currently teaching in public schools. She also worked as a sound designer for several institutions, civic museums, communication agencies and architectural firms. Ulian debuted as a writer in 2021 with the novel “La questione dei cavalli”, the first title in the Fremen series published by Laurana.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

piazza Ganganelli, 25 - entrata da Via Mazzini, Santarcangelo