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Workshop. Breakdance basic course

July 16 luglio8 - 10pm

curated by @Bboymura (Muradif Hrustic)

Breakdance is the term used in Italy for b-boying or breaking. In the world of dance, it is an art that develops thanks to the influence and stimuli coming from all over the world, together with the heterogeneity and uniqueness of each b-boy and b-girl. It is a spectacular, high-energy dance that originated in the American hip hop context and, over the years, has conquered the world for the variety and beauty of its acrobatics. The dancers combine improvisation with very complex movements learned with years of study and practice. A peculiarity of breakdancing is the development of typical dance moves on the ground. The spirit of this dance is unique and includes the social aspect and the positive values of healthy competition through rotations and jumps, understanding rhythm.

The workshop is open to everyone aged 12 and over.

Workshop schedules:
July 16 from 8 to 10pm – Piazza Ganganelli.

Cost: 5€.

Muradif Hrustic (aka Mura) was born in Rome on 16 April 1999. At the age of fourteen, he started breakdancing, a passion he also cultivated during his high school years. In his free time, he trains, and on weekends he dances with a group of friends in Via del Corso.



  • Piazza Ganganelli

Language: English and Italian with simultaneous translation.

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