Simona Bertozzi / Bologna, Italy

WONDER(L)AND | L’aria del mattino

October 16, 20179.00 pm


WONDER(L)AND is a practice, dialogues, visions and meeting land, in which the body languages, the dance and the choreography are the essence and the instrument for the creation of an “undergrowth” of events and performing inventions. Its coexistence and central theme are directed by a common harmony to the wonder and astonishment concept. Felling astonished bring us to the Aristoteles’ thaumazein, to the swinging between the surprising and the disturbing, between the joyful statement of your own action and the displacement, the collision which surprise us when a vision or an event comes to change our view. The wonder hits our senses and starts the beating, which diverting the usual rhythm of the perception, induces and produces new knowledge. The afflatus of a vital impulse, the perception of desire, the expansion of breathing and vision… I would like to take this vitality and start from here to make a further reflection on corporeality. I intend to direct my research on movement and gesture, which, while maintaining a compositional as a result of an agreement between anatomy and the external elements, can also emerge as an experience of the individual, signalling the extent of personal detail in relation to the other bodies and merging the unique to the ordinary. In this perspective the general dynamics of events move to the idea of projection, to pursuit, to take a look into the distance. The experience is that of a strong perception of body tactility and the sensorial dimension that seems to be more acute and that invests gesture and its temporal form, producing a clearer sense of the epidermis outline and its continuous perspiration. Expansion, absorption. What emerges is an almost celebratory dimension of bodily self-consciousness, an acquired awareness of body, which immerses in the movement with the perception that every anatomical section can expand its inner material, going well beyond the physiological function and incorporating changes of state… other – possible – organic state… According to Walt Whitman’s words, a body that reveals strong energy, force, power, which can be also granite and lymph, rib and fly and that tends towards the wonder as a necessary preparation to welcome a renewed physicality, meanwhile in the individual experience and in the sharing with the others. We know that anatomy is a complex architecture in a continuous mutation, and the environment characteristics in which we act determinate and mark out these mutations: the temperature, the light gradations, colours, sounds… every other present bodies. We are empathic animals too, and our tactile notion permits us to resonate with the nature. Everyone: flora, animals, rocks, planets… aligned for a continuous reflection. A nature/landscape of meetings and amazed bodies.

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  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

con Simona Bertozzi, Enrico Malatesta, Aristide Rontini
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