Valentina Medda / Bologna, Italy


from July 11 to 1310.00-13.00, 16.00-19.00

Untitled# is a series of photos, taken to be tattooed.
They originate from visible traces found on the walls of several cities. Residues of passing time and
of atmospheric agents, in the passage from the wall to the skin these traces become wounds which, added to
the scars of the host, embed each tattooed body into a living living archive which is both a collective and
individual memory. In addition to the existing archives of New York and Bologna, Medda has created a new portfolio of tattoo designs taken from the walls of Santarcangelo. Available designs will be presented during an individual meeting with the artist: an intimate moment to view the portfolio and discuss urban wounds, body traces, memories, and scars. Medda invites you to become a part of this embodied archive.
The project will be realized in collaboration with a local tattoo artist, with whom the appointment needs to be taken separately. Each skin intervention comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.


free event

duration 30'
booking required
reserve your time slot at the Ticket Office in Piazza Ganganelli from July 1
the location will be disclosed at the Ticket Office
booking doesn't include the tattoo, the cost of which has to be agreed with the tattoo artist
one spectator at a time

in collaboration with Skin Cake Tattoo & Piercing Santarcangelo
Resident artist Darth Jader + guest artists Francesco Ferhh e Inyan