Alex Baczynski-Jenkins / Poland, United Kingdom

Untitled (Holding Horizon)

July 1421.00
July 1521.00

A memory of a rave, a ghostly gathering, a celebration and mourning, a militant congregation, a pastoral imaginary. Untitled (Holding Horizon) continues Alex Baczyński-Jenkins’ research on the negotiation of desire, the materiality and amplification of gestures, encounters and affections of a queer commons. Through sensual, alienated movements, accompanied by the box step – a step used in several social dances – synchronisation, pleasure and alliance coexist with disorientation, limitation and loss. In this altered state, the box step becomes a vessel for the limit as material. On the threshold of visibility and invisibility, the performers navigate the fluctuating dynamics of collectivity, intimacy and interdependence, exploring contact in its physical and emotional dimensions. Interacting with the variations of light and sound mixed live, the repetitions and the duration of the choreography produce evolving perceptions and associations: this performance is a fluid, long-lasting experience which the audience can enter and leave as they wish.

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins is a Polish-British artist and choreographer living in Berlin. He engages with queer affect, embodiment and relationality. Through gesture, collectivity, touch and sensuality, his practice unfolds structures and politics of desire. He is co-founder and member of Kem, a Warsaw-based queer feminist collective. His works have been presented in many international contexts, such as: Biennale di Venezia, Foksal Gallery (Warsaw), Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst (Zürich), Chisenhale Gallery (London), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), Swiss Institute (New York), Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź, Poland), deSingel (Antwerp) and Arsenic (Lausanne). In 2018, he received the Arts Foundation Award and the Frieze Artist Award, and in 2021 he won the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art.

  • ITC Molari
    via Orsini, 19

Duration: 180 minutes.
Free access for the whole duration of the event. Stay as long as you wish.

Coreografia Alex Baczyński-Jenkins / questa versione è realizzata in collaborazione con e interpretata da Agata Grabowska, Ewa Dziarnowska, Rafał Pierzyński, Ronald Berger, Sigrid Stigsdatter / sviluppata in collaborazione con Agata Grabowska, Ewa Dziarnowska, Rafał Pierzyński, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Tiran Normanson / grazie a Billy Morgan / produzione e curatela Andrea Rodrigo / suoni live e luci Krzysztof Bagiński.

Spettacolo sostenuto da Goethe-Institut Mailand e promosso dal Ministero Federale degli Affari Esteri della Repubblica Federale di Germania.

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