MADRE / Collettivo Acid Tank Reggio Emilia, Italy


Reggio Emilia, Italy

The Rave is a sensory exploration, a march against the normal, the everyday;
against the addiction to work, consumption, family, police.
Substances as sacraments; spiritual union;
bodies merge in rhythm, in collective ecstasy.

Addiction, catharsis, ritual, performance, trance.
In this symphony of Techno, time dissolves.
In the pulsating chaos of the Rave, an aesthetic and a politics emerge.
Space is opened to new possibilities, to endless dreams.


In collaboration with the Acid Tank collective from Reggio Emilia, MADRE creates situations based on immersiveness and sound experimentation through experiential clubbing with a conceptual / installational mark. Each situation is site-specific and takes place only once.




concept e sviluppo MADRE (Evgheni Altovski)
suoni Riccardo Caspani
luci Francesco Calzolari

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