Sissi / Bologna, Italy / London, UK

Unravelling vein

July 07 from 7.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Unravelling vein is like imagining Santarcangelo as a body that becomes excitable because of the veins and arteries it shelters below the ground, a vast underground network of galleries, twisting tunnels and tiny streets in the sandy soil. Sissi, a Bologna artist now living in London, applies her research into the body and biology, anthropology and anatomy to the city’s internal landscape, which can be seen in the Sferisterio; this is almost a window opening on to the occult. The artist’s body, wrapped in cords, becomes part of the landscape, like a system of veins and arteries, a path between the inside and the outside, that allows the throbbing blood to circulate and surface. The performance ravels and unravels in a continuous, fluid action, rendering visibility to the web-like design that lives beneath us.

free event
  • Sferisterio
    via Faini