El Conde de Torrefiel / Spain

ULTRAFICCIÓN nr. 1 / Fracciones de tiempo

July 821.00
July 921.00
July 1021.00

“What you will see and hear here is real. Places and people are real. Nothing was invented. The content of this story comes from official sources and first-hand witnesses.”

With this new project, El Conde de Torrefiel transcends the creative artistic process and its relationship with reality by taking a step forward, somersaulting towards unknown possibilities: from fiction to ultrafiction. Ultraficciones will be presented over the course of a year as autonomous appointments that precede the creation of an untitled performance debuting in May 2022. They are visual and poetic exercises that surgically operate on formalities until they turn into monstrous artefacts, tackling mechanisms that, through manipulation, are considered normal and activate a kind of prefabricated consensus. Santarcangelo Festival will host their first example: an auditory and literary journey through moments of an anonymous individual life tied to global events.

Paolo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler formed El Conde de Torrefiel in 2010. Mixing choreographical, literary, and visual elements, they create narratives that investigate the tensions between individuals and collectivity. They performed in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay, Seoul, Tokyo and in European events as Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Festival d’Automne in Paris, Alkantara Festival in Lisbon, Short Theatre in Rome and many others.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Language: Italian and English subtitles.

The show is not recommended to people suffering from epilepsy and heart disease, due to the use of strobe lights.

idea e regia El Conde de Torrefiel / testo Pablo Gisbert / suono Rebecca Praga e Uriel Ireland / direzione di scena Roberto Baldinelli / con il sostegno di Institut Ramón Llull, ICEC - Generalitat de Catalunya / © Olga Fedorova.