Gola /

enjoy your daily aperitivo

from July 06 to 15from 6.00 pm to 12.00 am

Gola is the place where artists and the public can meet up, have a chat, drink an aperitif, listen to a concert and enjoy themselves during a DJ set. It is a quiet, free and decent place, closed off by the city walls, right beside the Sferisterio. Gola is open every day during the Festival, with live music and DJ-sets.

Friday 6
6.30 pmTwistin Rumble DJ-set (Ricerche sonore)
10.00 pm Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni DJ-set (punk new wave no wave from slego)

Saturday 7
8.00 pm Magnetic Lithops DJ-set (mushrooms soap,lysergic emanations)

Sunday 8
6.30 pm Padre Punjabi DJ-set (Tropicale, Afro Beat)

Monday 9
6.30 pm Twistin Rumble DJ-set (Ricerche sonore)
10.00 pm ToffoloMuzik DJ-set (digital World Music)

Tuesday 10
6.30 pm Giò Blonde e Flora Botanica DJ-set (Porno Pop)
10.00 pm VESPERTINA + T.I.R (Funeral Pop, live electronics)

Wednesday 11
6.30 pm Bart Cosmetic DJ-set (indie shitgaze)
10.00 pm The Jackson Pollock + MORMOR (Punk, Hardcore)

Thursday 12
6.30 pm StereoFonica DJ-set (soft Electro pop)
10.00 pm BeMyDelay  (Cosmic blues)

Friday 13
6.30 pm Elio DJ-set (Dub Tropicalia Surf)
10.00 pm Francesco “Fuzz” Brasini DJ-set (Electric Vibes)

Saturday 14
6.30 pm Horizontal Dancing DJ-set (lonely nameless kangaroo)
10.00 pm Purple Geko DJ-set (post-punk, electro’n’rituals)

Sunday 15
6.30 pm The Big Things DJ-set (Jamaican Suond System)
10.00 pm In.Versione Clotinsky (Duo alt pop, lo-fi, indie, slacker dalla Romagna)

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