Bisonte Café / Sferisterio, Santarcangelo

Everyday for Aperitivo

July 8 - 18from 18pm

Bisonte is an iconic song by Camillas, a group from Pesaro. Bisonte Café is a tribute to Mirko Bertuccioli, aka Zagor, co-founder of Camillas.

In the second movement of Futuro Fantastico, Bisonte Café continues to be a place to relax, meet, talk, look at each other, decompress, be silent and listen. A place for chill-out aperitifs, refreshing pints and friendly cocktails. The ingredients for Bisonte Café are ad hoc playlists, DJ sets and musical selections curated by artists close to Santarcangelo Festival, creating a temporary balance between research, melody and dissonance, navigating the uncharted waters of avant-pop.

Shapeshifting sounds for companion species, unrestricted by genres and labels, going towards our Futuro Fantastico that we cannot yet see but keep in mind as a goal, an impulse and a reason to remain where we are. Here, now, at Bisonte Café.

“Esplodono le bombe, ma nеssuno muore
La musica è illegale
La musica è illegale
È il suono della gente che fa l’amore.”

Cosmo – La musica illegale
[La terza estate dell’amore, Columbia/Sony Music Italy/42 Records, 2021]

Djsets by:
08/07: 10.30pm Vista Mare
09/07: 11.30pm El Conde de Torrefiel
10/07: 7.00pm Rosie Windie / 11.30pm BUNNY DAKOTA (INDUSTRIA INDIPENDENTE/MERENDE)
11/07: 11.30pm ANKKH

12/07: 6.30pm Rov / 10.30pm How To Be Together
13/07: 10.30pm Topazio Perlini
14/07: 11.30pm Let’s revolution! Select
15/07: 6.30pm Usmaradio dj set / 11.00pm Silvia Calderoni
16/07: 11.30pm Sissetta Sinclair
17/07: 11.30pm Mara Oscar Cassiani + Be Waters
18/07: 11.30pm Garz1 + Rosie Windie


Free entrance
  • Bisonte Café
    Via Faini, Sferisterio

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