Annamaria Ajmone / Italy


July 1120.45, Colle Giove
July 1223.30, Imbosco
July 1319.30, Scuola Pascucci

Trigger, in English, has taken on a new popular meaning – the firing mechanism of a gun, now transformed to signify the catalyst which causes a reaction. Thus, choreographer and dancer Annamaria Ajmone triggers the transformation of a space into place, which for a limited time becomes a den, a dwelling, a territory of passage. Three Santarcangelo environments are involved: the elementary school, a hill surrounded by nature and Imbosco. The body of the dancer, in continuous listening, amplifies the internal and external spaces, developing a choreographic score inside and outside the perimeter of a geometric figure through pre-established nuclei of movement, composed in the moment. The audience, arranged along the sides, shares the scenic space with the performer; the closeness, the dance, and the sounds in play create an invitation to an intimate, deep listening that allows the discovery of unexpected perceptive levels, sweeping a whirling journey through the jungle.

  • Colle Giove
    via Cappuccini

  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell

  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

duration 20'
full price 6€

di e con Annamaria Ajmone
musiche Palm Wine
costumi Jules Goldsmith
direzione tecnica Giulia Pastore
produzione CAB 008
con il sostegno di Regione Toscana e MIBAC
co-produzione Cango / Umano - Cantieri internazionali sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza
in collaborazione con Teatro della Toscana