Trepaneringsritualen / Göteborg, Sweden


July 08 10.00 pm

Seething rhythmic sound from Sweden, evoking desolate, magnetizing, apocalyptic visions. Thomas Martin Ekelund, aka Trepaneringsritualen (Trepanning Ritual), the sole spiritual heir of the legendary Cold Meat Industry label, explores the themes of religion, magic and the unconscious, drawing inspiration from the old death industrial/ritual ambient school. His latest album, Kainskult, dedicated to the figure of Cain, comes ever more closely to grips with an iconography that brings together dark ambient and suggestions of Scandinavian black metal. His live performances are rituals in the real sense of the word, both hypnotizing and desecrating.


free event
  • Colle Giove
    via Cappuccini

ph. Richard K Szabo