Giorgina Pi / BLUEMOTION / Roma, Italy


July 1711.30 pm
July 1810 pm

Tiresias is a ritual for us. “Tiresias, come and talk to us,” asks Kate Tempest, as do we. This time, we’ll listen to you. We’re here to understand you. We know you see all the way into the past, you don’t lose your memory like we do, you don’t worry about pleasure, you’re poor, old, a wanderer, dirty, trans, in between things, always unexpected. “Still, something in the coming dusk / whispers not to fret / Don’t matter that we’ll lose today. / It’s not tomorrow yet.”

Tiresias is the seer who knows, who recognises what should be done, an entity that guards the answers in Hades, the intermediary between the human and the divine. It is frightening to listen to him, his body contorts, it is outside the natural order, it is a body that lives more sexuality, more age in one life. When his eyes stop seeing, they begin to read the future. Gabriele Portoghese follows poetic and sonic footprints from Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest, London poet and rapper born in 1985. The author observes Tiresias wandering: shy boy, young woman who discovers love and clairvoyance, lonely old man. So many lives in one life, so many of us in continuous metamorphosis to remain what we discover ourselves to be.

Director, activist, video maker, feminist, doctoral student in transcoding (contemporary rewriting of ancient myths) at the University of L’Aquila, Giorgina Pi is part of the Angelo Mai collective of Rome, an artistic and political experience within which Bluemotion was born, training performers, directors, musicians and visual artists who come together to create, from their own suggestions, comparing their views on the present through art.

full price 10 € / under 26 8 €
  • Parco Baden Powell

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duration 45'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)

un progetto di Bluemotion / da Hold your own-resta te stessa di Kate Tempest / traduzione di Riccardo Duranti / regia Giorgina Pi / con Gabriele Portoghese / dimensione sonora Collettivo Angelo Mai / bagliori Maria Vittoria Tessitore / echi Vasilis Dramountanis / costumi Sandra Cardini / luci Andrea Gallo / organizzazione Alessia Esposito / comunicazione Benedetta Boggio / una produzione 369gradi-Angelo Mai-Bluemotion. Ringraziamo il Comune di Ventotene, Cecilia Raparelli e la Terrazza Paradiso per la collaborazione e il sostegno.
foto Lau Chourmo