Bebe Books / Belgium


July 9, 10 and
12 to 179.30

“We, Bebe Books, question if there can be a queer temple. We decided to call this the OFF-TEMPLE: a temple that is not aligned. During Santarcangelo Festival, we will construct a prototype of the Off-temple using our queer bodies as a form of collective and hands-on speculation.The construction is the practice of the commons, involving uncountable queer hands stacking bricks, making embroideries, holding one another, and performing rituals.The OFF-TEMPLE will be a carrier bag built at an architectural scale.Through the porous brick wall, it will sense global precarity and absorb queer bodies and their vulnerable stories.This site will be filled with their emotions, relations, and interactions, and will let stories emerge.We will gather the crumbles of the queer history articulated in ambiguous and fragmented languages, sew their edges together, and create a patchwork”.
Bebe Books queers spaces around the world by organising and curating LGBTQ+ friendly events and supporting promising artists and collectives. Bebe’s mission is to build a safe space where they harmonize pleasure, arts, and education.

Free entrance
  • Supercinema
    piazza Marconi, 1

Duration: 3 hours.
Free access for the whole duration of the event. Stay as long as you wish.

Temple design Every Island.
Co-produzione Kunstcentrum VIERNULVIER con il supporto di Flemish Community and Diplomatic representation of Flanders in Italy.