Ana Pi / NA MATA LAB Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Divine Cypher

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Brazilian researcher and choreographer Ana Pi carried out a poetic and political research on traditional Haitian dances, their ancestral sacred gestures and their perpetuation in contemporary imaginary in dialogue with experimental filmmaker Maya Deren, who was born in Kyiv and in the 1940s and 1950s conducted a study on Haitian culture, dances, philosophy and Voudoun heritage. The two women share a transversal creative process combining artistic expression and research methodology. In a journey driven by a ferocious curiosity, Ana Pi weaves in fragility and balance, individual and collective memory, images of the past and futurity at once. Recipient of a scholarship awarded by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Cisneros Institute for this creation, she observes what happens when the archives are re-activated. What memory remains of them? What role do films play in the transmission of a gesture? Nearly a century later, Ana Pi establishes resonances with the images from Divine Horsemen book and film left by Deren, as well as the legacy and dreams of her predecessor Katherine Dunham.


Ana Pi is a choreographic and imagery artist, researcher of Afro-diasporic and urban dances, extemporary dancer and pedagogue. Her practices are woven through the act of travelling and her work is situated among the notions of transit, displacement, belonging, superposition, memory, colours and ordinary gestures. In 2020 she created NA MATA LAB, a laboratory for choreographic, poetic and political research and experimentation. “The Divine Cypher”, “RAW ON”, “Fumaça”, “Meditation on Beauty”, “èscultura”, “O BΔNQUETE”, “COROA”, “NoirBLUE”, “DRW2” and “Le Tour du Monde des Danses Urbaines en 10 villes” are some of the works in which she merges choreography, narration and installation. Among her audiovisual works stands out the internationally awarded “NoirBLUE — the displacements of a dance” (2018 – 27’), her first documentary.


Accessibility: venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Facilitated access from side entrance through via A. Costa.

via Ruggeri, 16



coreografia e scenografia, video, ricerca e interpretazione Ana Pi
luci Bia Kaysel, Jean-Marc Ségalen
gestione palco Bia Kaysel, Jean-Marc Ségalen
musica e suoni Jideh HIGH ELEMENTS, Emy de Pradines, Auguste de Pradines – Ezili Nenenn Ô, Julien Creuzet, Maya Deren
in collaborazione e su ispirazione di Katherine Dunham, Maya Deren, Emy de Pradines, Lumane Casimir, Martha Jean-Claude, Toto Bissainthe, Marie-Ange Aurilin, Ginite Popote, Tara El, Wendy Désert, Gerda Boisguené, Murielle Jassinthe, TRVANIA, Jenny Mezile
sguardi esterni Cida Moura, Maria Fernanda Novo, Julien Creuzet
filter design Emilien Colombier
costumi @remexefavelinha
contributo alla realizzazione scenografica Studio Julien Creuzet
produzione e distribuzione NA MATA LAB | Hanna Mauvieux

progetto realizzato con il supporto di Institut Français, Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati

in collaborazione con Malta Festival (Poznań) e SPIELART Festival (Monaco) nell'ambito di European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea

© Daniel Nicoalevsky Maria