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July 184 pm - 6 pm

Curated by Laura Gemini and Giovanni Boccia Artieri – Università degli Studi di Urbino
Live-streaming with Riccardo Benassi and Simon Senn
Santarcangelo Festival and Live Arts Week
will introduce the book e-launch of Morestalgia, (NERO Editions) by  Riccardo Benassi

“Liveness for distanced bodies is one of the forms we experimented with during the pandemic. One of the reactions to the emotional lockdown – which can also be seen as an opportunity to continue with the experimentation on languages and blended formats that has always been part of the artistic agency – is to promote and maintain relationships with audiences in the real space of the digital. A particularly evident example of this is Simon Senn’s project Be Arielle F., which addresses the virtualisation of the relationship between body and identity, and Riccardo Benassi’s Morestalgia, which lays bare the perception of absence through the online experiences of others.”

  • Il Cortile di Camilla
    Via Federico Montevecchi, 7

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