"Se/lo/do/all’/Uomo/Nero" - The Political Anatomy of the Passions /

talk coordinated by Ilenia Caleo

July 13 5.30 pm

What it is that moves us, that stirs us. What it is that speaks to us, that remains silent. What are the bodies we sympathize with, empathize with, identify with. What are the bodies we reject as being Other. Do we feel affection in the same way as we pronounce a word, or are there forces within us that link the human and the non-human? Passions are not pure immediacy, as feminist thinking would tell us. We exchange them, acquire them, spread them, pass them on, all the way down to midnight fairy tales. They are the hot goods that circulate on the political scene, which is built less and less on ideas about the world and society and more and more on emotional states. Fear, anger, resentment. An economy of emotional exchanges. “Me, me, me!” the character on stage yells angrily; he doesn’t have a name but lots of qualities: he’s racist, sexist, homophobe and populist. The bodies that aren’t Us. Anguish, fear, guilt: these sad passions close camps, limit our movement. Increasing or reducing our power to act: this isn’t just about how we are inside, but about our possibility of acting in the world, of shaping our bodies in contact with other bodies. No fear, then. Giving names. Acting through contact. Scores that move. Snapping our teeth at fear.

Ilenia Caleo: performer, researcher, agitator

free event