Francesca Grilli / Bruxelles, Belgium / Bologna, Italy


July 0619.00, 20.00
July 0719.00, 20.00
from July 10 to 1319.00, 20.00

There’s an overused expression that artists are often born before their time. Within the context of contemporary acceleration this “before” is shrinking, like everything else, and in my experience is down to six months – a year at the maximum. To explain: more and more often I witness artists’ exploring an idea, and then within a short period of time political or cultural events realise this idea in its full magnitude, so by the time they exhibit their work it seems as if it was made in reaction to these events.
A similar situation happened when we asked Francesca Grilli to develop a new project for the Festival. She was already working with the idea of flipping the power relationship between the child and the adult, asking the question of what would happen if we put the power to predict and shape the future in the hands of children. And as we researched for the work, magnificent Greta Thunberg appeared in the news and we suddenly witnessed the global “rise of the children”, who claimed their right to a future that is being destroyed by “grown-ups”.

“I consider any poetic image that breaks our normal imagination and creates hope a form of rebellion against central power. I consider it powerful and perturbing to be able to raise and form a child so that it conserves and safeguards marvel as a subversive thought.”
Francesca Grilli

How often do you completely surrender to a child?
Sparks creates a space where the usual power relationships between the child and the adult are inverted. The children become oracles, bearers of mystical knowledge, wielders of magical powers. They know your future, while you have no clue. It is an extraordinary space to experience.
You enter the space and witness a community of oracles – a group of local children who have studied palmistry and the art of divination. Their faces are hidden behind masks but you can hear their voices. How does it feel to have a child tell you your destiny?

duration max 30'
full price 6€
Sparks is a site-specific production created in collaboration with a group of local children: the main language is Italian

creazione Francesca Grilli
suono Roberto Rettura
chiromante Guido Rossetti
parola Azzurra D’Agostino
movimento Benno Steinegger
design e realizzazione copricapi Paola Villani
foto e video Carolina Cappelli
consiglio alla creazione Chiara Guidi
produzione e organizzazione Chiara Massari
diffusione e cura Giulia Traversi
amministrazione Chiara Fava
produzione Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, Santarcangelo Festival, Snaporazverein
co-produzione Welcome to the village, SAAL BIENNAAL
in collaborazione con workspacebrussels
inserito all'interno del progetto europeo Create to Connect -> Create to Impact
cofinanziato dal programma Europa creativa dell'Unione europea