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We stole the title from Andrea Zanzotto’s collection of poems and his need to superimpose artifice and nature, mother tongue and neologisms. All this concerns us in the relationship we have been weaving between biography and fiction, the historical background pressing on our choices, confusing them, refuting them, confirming them.

Sovrimpressioni is a performance freely inspired by Ginger and Fred. In Fellini’s film, two artists who have never come close to success, Pippo and Amelia, return after many years to perform in public in a television programme filled with banality and vulgarity. After years of working with others, Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini return to the stage as the couple who made them famous. They were successful in their own way, and the prolonged proximity blurred some of the boundaries between the two while, at the same time, the long cohabitation on stage made them less friendly, with a sharper need to highlight themselves. The scene runs between the moment the two enter the space from the outside, from their present, ending when, an hour later, they find themselves older, resembling the age they have, which they cannot yet see from the outside.

Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini are authors, directors and performers. They met for the first time in 2007: then, a deep friendship and intense artistic collaboration was born. With Reality (2012), Deflorian won the Ubu Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Ce ne andiamo per non darvi altre preoccupazioni debuted the following year, winning the 2014 Ubu Award as Best New Italian work. Their most recent works include Il cielo non è un fondale (2016), Scavi and Quasi Niente (2018), Chi ha ucciso mio padre (2020).

Duration: 70 minutes.

Language: Italian with English subtitles.

un progetto di e con Daria Deflorian e Antonio Tagliarini / e con Cecilia Bertozzi e Chiara Boitani / assistente alla regia Chiara Boitani / disegno luci Giulia Pastore / costumi Metella Raboni / cura e promozione Giulia Galzigni – Parallèle / amministrazione Grazia Sgueglia / un ringraziamento a Esmè Sciaroni e Samantha Giorgia Mura / immagine Francesca Tresoldi / una produzione A.D., Festival di Santarcangelo / residenze Ostudio Roma, Carrozzerie n.o.t. Roma / si ringrazia il Vivaio I 2 Riccioli Verdi / © Francesca Tresoldi.

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