Lukas Karvelis Vilnius, Lithuania / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She Dreamt of Being Washed Away to the Coast

Vilnius, Lithuania / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11 July 7:30 pm
12 July 7:30 pm
13 July 7:30 pm
11 July 7:30 pm
12 July 7:30 pm
13 July 7:30 pm

“She Dreamt of Being Washed Away to the Coast” is a contemporary take on Baltic mythology. The performance contextualises Lithuanian folklore by observing the tension between two worlds: the material one, based on logic, and the one created by imagination and faith. A Lithuanian legend narrates the impossible love between the sea goddess Jūratė and a fisherman named Kastytis. Instead of focusing on this tragic love, the performance shifts its gaze to the transformation of a single individual, inspired by the figure of Jūrate, who experiences loneliness and a conflict between bodily limitations and the fluidity of imagination. Throughout the work, the dance gradually becomes more complex while the dancer moves in circular motions, experiencing the rules dictated by the space. The movements are complex, meditative and fluid like water, creating an allusion to a deity chained at the bottom of the sea, trying to find balance between her axis and liberation.


Lukas Karvelis (1997) is a Lithuanian artist currently based in Amsterdam. After graduating from Codarts in 2019, he started collaborating with the Royal Danish Theatre, Münich Kammerspiele, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Dansatelier’s crew and Korzo Theater. In his artistic work, Karvelis seeks to find the crucial point at which change occurs within the body as it diverges from society and oneself. His choreographic work has received residencies at Atelier de Paris / CDCN, the Arts Printing House, Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera and Teatri di Vita. Karvelis was nominated for the Piket Art Prize in 2020 and received the Young Artist Award from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture in 2023.


via Andrea Costa - Parco Baden Powell, Santarcangelo



coreografia e concept Lukas Karvelis
performer Dominyka Markevičiūtė
musica Dominykas Digimas
costumi Morta Nakaitė
luci Povilas Laurinaitis
mentor Bush Hartsorn
comunicazione Agnė Vidugirytė
produzione Be_Kompanijos
coproduzione CDCN, Atelier de Paris
con il sostegno di Lithuanian Culture Institute, New Baltic Dance Festival, Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association

progetto realizzato con il supporto di Ambasciata della Repubblica di Lituania a Roma, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

© Elena Krukonytė