Elena Bastogi Rome, Italy

untitled (mâcher ses mots) – figuration attempt #2

Rome, Italy
February 25, 2022 7.00 pm
Free entrance
Free entrance
February 25, 2022 7.00 pm

“untitled (mâcher ses mots) – figuration attempt #2” is a game of and with words – for flesh, letters and tinfoil – and it wants to be taken seriously as children are able to do with playing. It circulates around the concern of giving names to things. It lingers on this as burning as ancient combat, on the amorous and violent conflict with language whilst revealing a gratitude for words, a claim for their presence and for an attention in pronouncing them. It wonders how they could become subversive matter. It’s an attempt that goes against its own assumptions of failure, for the fun and hell of it. If it doesn’t seem possible to rely on the name, if it doesn’t seem possible to find a name that is not always already anachronistict, the choice is to picture a narration around a form that is a pretext and to tell a story without center around a word that’s yet to come, that’s already gone, that’s missing. It has the form of a letter that speaks of love, of longing, of philosophy, of puppies, of revolution. Get passionate. Have mercy. Let it not be consumed.


Elena Bastogi was born in Tuscany in 1995. She graduates in visual arts at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. In this period she mainly uses photography as a media to realize her projects. From 2017 to 2019 she works as an actress in Giuramenti of Teatro Valdoca. Cesare Ronconi and Mariangela Gualtieri are fundamental masters for the continuation of her path and same goes for Lucia Palladino. She attends PACAP 2 (Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts) at Forum Dança, curated by Sofia Dias and Vìtor Roriz. During this period that she starts developing her first solo untitled (mâcher ses mots) – figuration attempt #2.Since 2019, she’s been living in Rome. She is part of the management of fivizzano27 (mixò ass. cult.) and works for BLUEMOTION at Angelo Mai. Since 2020 she’s been assistant director to Alexia Sarantopoulou for the show Emilio, which premiered at Santarcangelo 2021.


Accessibility: venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Facilitated access from side entrance through via A. Costa.

via Ruggeri, 16



soggetto, creazione e interpretazione Elena Bastogi
consulenze artistiche Sofia Diaz e Vìtor Roriz, Alexia Sarantopoulou, Lucia Palladino
con il supporto di Forum Dança, Alchemilla43, fivizzano27 e mixò ass. cult.