Kate McIntosh / Samara Editions


from 07 to 16 July
Available at the Book Shop in Piazza Ganganelli
Available at the Book Shop in Piazza Ganganelli
from 07 to 16 July

“Sense” by Kate McIntosh is a kit of objects and simple actions to experience whenever you want, however you want and with whomever you want. The box contains three separate proposals, each one is unique and to be experienced independently from the others: an olfactory exploration that can create confusion about what species we belong to; a ritual that turns the heart into a spray of lights; and a card game – illustrated by Maria Giulia Chistolini, aka Accappatoio – to start unexpected interactions among unknown hands. “Sense” is a small collection of sensory stimulations designed to open and rearrange the perception of everyday events, an invitation to let us be surprised by the materiality of bodies, to listen, explore and play with our senses. Samara Editions is a project by Eva Neklyaeva, Marco Cendron and Lisa Gilardino that invites artists to create performances in a box. After buying a ticket to Samara, you will receive a box containing everything you need to experience a premiere in the intimacy of your own private space.


After commissioning works from artists Chiara Bersani, Tamara Cubas and Jenna Sutela, co-produced and presented by/at the Spielart festival in Munich, Black Box Theatre in Oslo, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Spring Festival in Utrecht, among others, Samara commissions a new creation from Kate McIntosh.

Kate McIntosh works with various media: performance, theatre, video and installation. Elements that frequently emerge in her creations are humour, the connection with science and experimentation. Her practice is driven by a fascination with the misuse of objects and the triggering of playful relationships between spectators.



di Kate McIntosh
con Samara Editions - performances by post
illustrazioni Maria Giulia Chistolini aka Accappatoio
sviluppo fragranza Nathan Taare
consulenza olfattiva The Institute for Art and Olfaction
grazie a Arantxa Martinez, Josh Rutter, Sarah Parolin
team Samara Editions Eva Neklyaeva, Marco Cendron, Lisa Gilardino
prodotto da Samara Editions - performances by post
in collaborazione con SPIN (Brussels)
coprodotto da Rosendal Teater
con il supporto di Kone Foundation e Finnish Cultural Foundation