Lucy Wilke and Pawel Dudus with music by Kim Twiddle / Germany


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SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP is about a friendship that defies definitions, a relationship shaped by poetic tendencies and a shared urge for sensuality. On the stage, Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś explore the scope of their relationship, bringing to the audience’s attention the themes of closeness, sharing and being together in mutual respect of diversity, taking care of details in a playful sequence of contacts and exchanges that embrace pleasure and pain. Interacting with live music by Kim_Twiddle, the performers paint an intimate portrait in seven chapters: starting from the perception of the self and one’s own body, they unveil its invisible aspects, moving through erotic fantasies and the memories of extravagant parties, creating a world where it is truly possible to be together, beyond the boundaries imposed by our physical bodies. Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś deconstruct perceptions that marginalise and discriminate against anything that seems different, questioning the notion of value based on efficiency and capability. The performance defies stereotypes and generally accepted notions, offering the audience a glimpse of utopia, a vision of human interactions prioritising tenderness, honesty and dedication for mutually authentic relationships.

Lucy Wilke is a singer, actress, dancer, author and director. She tours Germany with her band Blind and Lame. Lucy has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and uses a wheelchair. She performed with the dance ensemble Abart, David von Westphalen, Tanzlabor Leipzig. She played Phaidra at the Sophiensaele in Berlin and at Münchner Kammerspielen. She also performed at Radikal Jung Festival in Munich, Pact Zollverein Essen, the Athens Opera House and the Kölner Oper. Since autumn 2020, she has been a member of the Münchner Kammerspiele ensemble. In 2020, SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP won the Der Faust prize for best dance performance.

Paweł Duduś was born in Poland in 1989. They identify as queer-non binary-migrant-feminist-ally. Paweł has worked with David Bloom, David von Westphalen, Mor Shani, Martina Rösler, Alessandro Sciarroni, Alexander Gottfarb and Laura Eva Meuris. Pawel’s work engages with the connection between sexual expression and identity, searching for ways to break free from limiting habits. In 2020 they co-founded Skinship, a safe space for queer, trans, non-binary, intersex, agender, genderfluid and femme people.

Kim Ramona Ranalter – alias Kim_Twiddle – interlaces different forms of expression, materials and techniques on stages and in virtual spaces, connecting theatre, music, performance, live acts and DJ*ing. They founded the queer-feminist collective WUT and identify as non-binary. Kim has worked with directors Sapir Heller, Manuela Mantini, Leonie Pichler, Caitlin Maas and the ensembles Turbowerk Muc, FBM, Theter and Bluespots Productions. Kim has also composed and performed stage music for many artists and companies.

  • ITC Molari
    via Orsini, 19

Duration: 60 minutes.
Language: English and German with Italian and English subtitles.

Ideazione Lucy Wilke e Paweł Duduś / performance Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś e Kim Ramona Ranalter / e-Composition & Live-Music Kim Ramona Ranalter / scenografia Theresa Scheitzenhammer, Alexander Wilke / luci Barbara Westernach / direzione tecnica Iris Rohr / sguardo esterno Tamara Pietsch, David Bloom / PR Kathrin Schäfer KulturPR / produzione Rat & Tat Kulturbüro / distribuzione Kira Koplin / traduzione italiana a cura di Ilaria Patano.

Con il supporto di NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK Guest Performance Funding Dance International, promosso da Federal Government for Culture and the Media.

Spettacolo sostenuto da Goethe-Institut Mailand e promosso dal Ministero Federale degli Affari Esteri della Repubblica Federale di Germania.

© Martina Marini Misterioso
© Jean Marc Turmes