Alessandro Sciarroni / San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Save the last dance for me

July 0517.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop
July 0617.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop
July 0717.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop
July 0917.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop
July 1017.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop
July 1119.00-20.30, Parco Francolini, workshop / from 20.30, performance
July 1219.00-20.30, Centro Sociale "A. Franchini", workshop / from 20.30, performance
July 1317.00-19.00, ITC Molari, workshop / from 24.00, performance at Imbosco

Join the cause! Save the dance from extinction
This insane challenge began one Sunday afternoon in the ballroom
Al Camaroun in Castel San Pietro Terme. The stage is beautifully set with the prizes for the tombola. The main prize a gigantic prosciutto, decorated with colourful ribbons. We are here with Lisa, dancer Gianmaria Borzillo and choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni to see Polka Chinata: a dance of mysterious origins typical to Bologna, with two male dancers twirling and turning, knees bent, fast and low, under the urban arcades. There are now only five people in the world who still carry this tradition. We feel as if we are on a rare birdwatching expedition, holding our breath.
The rare event begins: the Polka Chinata, danced by Alessandro Lenzi e Alessandro Poli. The dance is physically challenging, almost acrobatic. Nobody exactly knows why Polka Chinata is danced only by men. Some say it was prohibited for women, others say that men used the dance to showcase their athleticism to the ladies. Viewed with a contemporary gaze, could Polka Chinata propose a different historical perspective on masculinity?

During the Festival, Alessandro Sciarroni offers an open space to join the mission of saving Polka Chinata from extinction. Come and practice. Join for one day or for the whole duration of the Festival. The more you practice, the better you learn, the more chance the dance has of surviving.
You don’t have to have any dance training or special abilities to join. And, obviously, in Santarcangelo, all genders are welcome to dance!
At the end of the Festival the participants of the Polka Chinata training will give three performances for Santarcangelo: in the basketball court, in the community centre Francolini run by our amazing elders, and as a party intervention for Imbosco. Come and see this rare specimen for yourself.

  • Centro sociale "A. Franchini"
    via Montevecchi, 19/A

  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell

  • ITC Molari
    via Orsini, 19

  • Parco Francolini
    via Costa - via Montevecchi

the workshop is open to everyone, no preliminary experience needed (musicality and sense of rhythm can help in the execution of the practice)
participation is free and flexible
you can participate and discover this mysterious dance whenever you want: in one day you will learn a basic step, and you will improve as you train
bring thick socks with you

performance duration 20'

un progetto di Alessandro Sciarroni
con Gianmaria Borzillo e Giovanfrancesco Giannini
collaborazione artistica Giancarlo Stagni
produzione Corpoceleste, Marche Teatro
in coproduzione con Santarcangelo Festival, B.Motion. Danza Urbana e Gender Bender Festival