Roberta Ferraresi / Italy

Santarcangelo 50 Festival

July 819.00

con Jonathan Pierini, Marco Tortoioli, Laura Gemini, Teresa Chiauzzi, Fabio Bruschi.

Santarcangelo 50 Festival is the book on the history of an event now in its 50th edition. It is a historical narration entrusted to Roberta Ferraresi, who developed a three-year research project involving archival research, interviews, and meetings. It is a critical investigation opening up on various levels and perspectives, thanks to the contribution of other authors on the cross-cutting themes punctuating the history of the Festival. It is a journey through data, reviewing various lines of development of the project from a different and unitary perspective. It is the sharing of a living archive. It is a story told through images, among the documents and the many photographs populating the publication. It is also an art object, the design of which was developed by ISIA in Urbino.
Santarcangelo 50 Festival, published by Corraini, is all this and much more. Like the story it tries to tell, the book is the result of a choral work, made up of multiple voices, points of view and experiences; it looks to its roots with the intention of trying – as the Festival has done so many times – to imagine the future. To take stock and open up a new dialogue, looking towards the next fifty years.

Free entrance
  • Bisonte Café
    Via Faini, Sferisterio