Sara Sguotti Padova, Italy


Padova, Italy

“S.O.P. – SOME.OTHER.PLACE” tries to identify the forms of the relationship between performer, space and imagination, leading the viewer on a journey into the density of matter and a perceptive and imaginative elsewhere. The dancing body inhabits an empty space that becomes intimate and changeable, continuously adapting along a powerful, labyrinthine movement. The dancer’s gaze opens to the image and reverberates in Spartaco Cortesi’s live music score. The choreographic device leads to a body surprised by the movement, distant but present in an inconsistent but visionary space. Sara Sguotti offers a look that seeks a hyper-reality, involving and leading the passengers/spectators in an empathic process between reminiscence and foresight. In the choreographic writing, lightness, disorientation, vitality and carnality emerge, a fragile and athletic body acting in search of coordinates, aiming at escaping one’s spirit, through a private, feminine language and narration that involves the viewer.


Sara Sguotti is interested in singular, plural and collective bodies, attracted by all forms of micro-collectivity and a lover of tangled thoughts. Her choreographic practice ranges from research in solitary and intimate spaces to the imaginative elsewhere. She collaborates, among others, with Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Compagnia Anton Lachky, Damien Jalet, Roberto Magro, Simona Bertozzi, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Nicola Simone, Tommaso Serratore. Her personal research began with “S.solo” (winner of DNAppunti coreografici and the 2017 Anticorpi platform). Her other works are “S.ritual”, “Space Oddity”, “Dedica Lontana”.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

via Santarcangiolese, 809



concept e coreografia Sara Sguotti
musiche live Spartaco Cortesi
con Sara Sguotti e Spartaco Cortesi
consulenza, assistenza artistica e drammaturgica Elena Giannotti
disegno luci Mattia Bagnoli
voce Julie Bergez
una produzione di Perypezye Urbane e nasce come proseguimento creativo di Some Other Place
sostenuto da Company Blu
coproduzione Interplay Festival
con il supporto di Armunia/Festival InEquilibrio, Atelier delle Arti, Cango

all'interno di Boarding Pass Plus Dance sostenuto dal Ministero della Cultura

in collaborazione con Elisabetta e Tommaso Campana

© Enzo Rapezzi