Ronin / Ravenna, Italy

Ronin plays The Unknown by Tod Browning

July 0621.30

Alonzo (played by Lon Chaney), a murderer on the run, seeks refuge in a circus. Disguising himself as an armless knife thrower, he soon falls in love with the circus performer Nanon (played by radiant Joan Crawford), who has a phobia of mens’ arms. This is just the beginning of legendary silent horror movie The Unknown (1924), directed by Tod Browning, and it gets weirder from there. Tod Browning, one of the inventors of cinematic horror, specialized in the macabre stories of “outsiders”: circus performers, vampires, murderers, magicians – nonconformists by behavior or birth.
It is not a coincidence then that one of the most prolific Italian indie bands, Ronin, has chosen to create a alternative score for Browning’s legendary film. “Ronin” refers to Japanese Samurai who have failed to fulfill their mission: protect the patron or die. Ronins exist in an in-between space, ousted from their society in shame. The founder of Ronin, Bruno Dorella, has been always attracted to disaster, failure, and defeat; the epic of the loser. Ronin is the music of a hopeless shipwreck, sinking into the nightmarish depths of Ted Browning’s dark imagination.

free event
  • Piazza Ganganelli

duration 60'