Le Notti / Bologna, Italy


July 177 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm
July 187 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm
July 197 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm

Theatre is the art of bodies and proximity: if this foundation comes to be missing, then theatre comes to be missing.
Marco Martinelli – Ermanna Montanari

In a moment of restriction in which bodies cannot interact and presence is denied, what remains of that communion made of flesh and dreams between audience and actors? Is there a language other than physical presence and sharing, typical to the theatre, which maintains its power and vitality? This is the challenge set by three students from the ISIA design academy in Urbino: a theatre performance on Zoom. To understand if it is really possible to graft the theatrical code onto the virtual space, Le Notti chose a work that is world renowned: Romeo and Juliet. What form do feelings take when played on the plane of the virtual imagination that is born from the distance of bodies? What if Romeo and Juliet never meet, if not in death, the act of extreme rebellion?

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  • Il Torrione

duration 50'

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Film di Le Notti / regia Le Notti / reparto video Alessandra Beltrame, Arianna Pagani / fonico Giulio Asta / fotografia Arianna Pagani / montaggio Alessandra Beltrame / in collaborazione con gli allievi dell’ISIA di Urbino: Costanza De Luca, Stefania Galantino, Roberto Lenza / cast Flavia Bakiu – Giulietta; Nicolò Collivignarelli – Mercuzio, Padre Capuleti; Alice Gera – Benvolio , Madre Capuleti, Madre Montecchi; Nico Guerzoni – Romeo, Tebaldo; Claudia Russo – Balya