Madalena Reversa / Italy

Romantic Disaster (studio)

July 1020.00
July 1119.00

Romantic Disaster is an oxymoron, a romantic gaze at the destruction of Nature and at Nature as a destructive force. The stage setting is a live music performance where digital and analogue coexist. The dramaturgy is a concept album that revolves around the dialectics between past climate change and current climate change. On the one hand, the global cooling resulting from the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815; on the other, the global warming we are experiencing now. The activists of Fridays for Future occupy the centre, together with the three young English poets Keats, Byron and Shelley, who knew nothing of Tambora but saw the environment around them change and expressed their concerns through poetry. Poetry becomes song, music, battle cry, a Hymn to Beauty that must not die and to the young souls who guard it.

Madalena Reversa is an artistic project created in 2016 by Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi. Their work focuses on the aesthetic and emotional power of lights, sounds, objects and bodies. From these elements, their projects create atmospheres and emotions. Their most recent projects are Romantic Disaster, a live-set performance (finalist at Biennale College directors under 30, 2020), Blaue Blume, Dreaming Beauty.

  • Supercinema
    piazza Marconi, 1

Duration: 30 minutes.

regia Richard Pareschi / drammaturgia Maria Alterno / musiche originali Donato Di Trapani e Lorenzo Tomio / visuals Giulio Boato / voce registrata Loris De Luna / luci Andrea Sanson / fonica e assistenza tecnica video Francesco Vitaliti / contributi musicali Laura Messina, Francesco Aprili / organizzazione Giulia Monte / produzione madalena reversa / con il supporto di Santarcangelo Festival / progetto finalista a Biennale College registi under 30 / photo Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia / © Andrea Avezzù.

Maria Alterno voce / Donato Di Trapani synth, manipolazioni audio-elettroniche / Richard Pareschi voce / Lorenzo Tomio chitarra, violino, manipolazioni audio-analogiche.