Artisans of the Body and Mind / Santarcangelo, Italy

Body care rituals

July 0619.00-24.00
July 0719.00-24.00
July 1319.00-24.00
July 1419.00-24.00

A Shiatsu massage or a plantar reflexology session to relax the muscles and harmonise the mind; a vibrational experience with Tibetan bells to get in touch with the internal waves of your body; a psychic tarot reading to access your innermost thoughts. Local professionals specialising in different disciplines, The Artisans of the Body and Mind, welcome the public for a moment of absolute peace and quiet to dedicate to themselves, to restore balance while taking a break from the intensity of the festival.

  • Piazza Ganganelli

a cura di Daniele Giorgetti, Samanta Zaghini, Franca Bisulli, Rosanna Bianchini, Mariano Minolfo, Rossella Rosetti, Francesca Nucci, Francesca De Oliveira, Paolo Pietrelli, Angela Casadei, Davide Fabbri, Marino Ottaviani, Roberto Piani, Stefania Gennaro, Gianpaolo Capobianco, Angelo Amadori, Valentina Pironi, Immacolata Galbusieri, Giuseppina Caputo, Elisa Palmisano, Tracy D'Antonio