Virgilio Sieni /

Quattro lezioni sul corpo politico e la cura della distanza

July 157 pm
July 16 9 am, 7 pm
July 176 pm

Experience on forms of transmission, participation and vision

The body assimilates the images of the past and becomes the threshold through which to reflect on the future. The journey of the gesture from one figure to another, in the interweaving and the chiasms, resonances and revelations in the work: in this way, the body explores an atlas of details in continuous transformation and sharing. Virgilio Sieni will lead four lessons aimed at citizens of all ages, backgrounds and abilities – including dancers, actors, artists, and performers – on awareness of the body. Four paintings will serve as a guide to the study of gesture, in a process of transmission based on slowness and listening. Each lesson tends towards the creation of a dance, a sequence of gestures that meditate on the formation of the figure, on the empathic and tactile space between the work and the person, on the creation of a shared space according to a form of gesturing outside of existing codes, and on the care of distance.

1st dance: Piero della Francesca, “Battesimo di Cristo”; circa 1440-1460, National Gallery, London
2nd dance: Caravaggio, “Cena in Emmaus”; 1606, Pinacoteca Brera and “Cena in Emmaus”; 1601, National Gallery, London
3rd dance: Giorgione, “Lezione di canto”, also known as “Le tre età dell’uomo”; 1500-1501, Palazzo Pitti Galleria Palatina, and Tiziano Vecellio, “Concerto”; 1510-1511, Palazzo Pitti Galleria Palatina
4th dance: Antonello da Messina, “Annunciata di Palermo”; Palazzo Abatellis of Palermo and Antonello da Messina, “Cristo in pietà”; Prado Museum, Madrid.

Virgilio Sieni is a dancer and choreographer, active in international circles for the highest theatrical and musical institutions, art foundations and museums. His research is based on the idea of the body as a place to welcome diversity and as a space to develop the archaeological complexity of gesture. Since 2003, he has directed CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta, the National Centre for Dance Production, in Florence; in 2007, he founded the Accademia sull’arte del gesto; and, in 2018, the Scuola sul Gesto e il Paesaggio. He was Director of the Venice Biennale Dance Sector from 2013 to 2016.

  • Piazza Ganganelli

it is possibile to participate or assist at the lesson
online tickets are reserved for who wishes to only attend the performance
to take part actively it is necessary to register at
specifying - for insurance purposes - day and time of the desired lesson, name and surname, place and date of birth

each lesson lasts about 40 minutes
participants are advised to dress comfortably and wear suitable shoes

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)

foto Umberto Favretto, Cpajewski