Fluxo / Santarcangelo, Italia

Qi Gong with Elena Giannotti

July 117.00
July 127.00

Elena Giannotti, expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, guides you in the practice of the energetic gymnastics born in the territories of ancient China, based on elements of physiology and symbolism of traditional Chinese medicine, and on the principles of Taoist and Buddhist thought. She works on the awareness of the spontaneous breath through intention, and promotes the energy flow in the body through slowed movements and stretching. You go through postures of lying, sitting and standing, you practise meditation, shapes and walks for the well-being of the individual and harmonisation with the macrocosm.

single lesson: 5€

registration on the spot by 7.00
remember to bring your own towel

info: Andrea Lombardi 335 812 6987 - andrealombardi.trainer@gmail.com