Joan Català / Matarò, Spain


July 0519.00, Piazza Marini
July 0720.00, Via Andrea Costa
July 0919.30, Piazza Ganganelli

When I arrived to Santarcangelo, I went to get some lunch from a local piadineria. I was still digesting the joy and privilege of running a historical Festival in a small community, members of which had already expressed to me their strong sense of co-ownership. I was surprised and blown away by the fact that everybody I met had strong opinions on the Festival and curatorial advice to offer. The lady who was selling me piada had a very clear desire. “You have to show some circus in the square!” – she said, and then went on withholding my food until I acknowledged the beauty of the proposal.
This next show is dedicated to her, and to all the citizens of Santarcangelo: to their strong sense of community, pride, and shared responsibility for their own city. You rock.

Pelat is pure magic, ephemeral, conjured in the here and now.
It’s a circus show for the square. It starts with a heavy tree trunk, a man and a circle of strangers – who by the end of the show are transformed into a living, joyful community.
Pelat is warmth, expectation, strength, tension, and magical, spontaneous participation. Pelat is body poetry. Pelat is innovation, movement and collective action. Pelat is a risky, sincere, and much needed artistic action that momentarily cuts through all possible divisions and establishes a shared experience of this world.
Joan Català speaks to our most beautiful human desires: to belong, to support each other, to marvel, and to play. He reminds us of the value of playfulness, to not take ourselves too seriously.
Pelat creates a circle of trust, and helps us to become better neighbors and collaborators.

free event

duration 45'
all ages

di e con Joan Català Carrasco
consulenza artistica Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, David Climent e Pablo Molinero (Los Corderos)
con il supporto di Fira Tàrrega, El Graner centre de creació del cos i el moviment, Festival Sismograf, Olot, L’Animal a l’Esquena, Trayectos danza