Cristina Kristal Rizzo Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy

A body attempting to copy and reproduce itself, split into the same image. There is no possible calculation or process allowing one to re-measure one’s decisions in sequence. Before is no longer now, and now is no longer before. What remains is the act of tracing, presenting oneself, the contraction of an instant to launch into an exhausting, unique pas de deux.

Almost 20 years after its creation and 17 since its debut at Santarcangelo Festival, “Paso Doble” returns to Italy. A project that marked the path of Cristina Kristal Rizzo – one of the few artists invited by every artistic director of Santarcangelo Festival since then – and of Italian choreographic production as a whole. The performance, whose disruptive character did not fade over time, is part of the research phase that Kinkaleri carried out on the questioning of theatrical representational mechanisms: in an empty room, a person in front of a video camera performs an improvisation lasting a few minutes with background music chosen at random from the frequencies of a portable radio; then, the performer connects the video camera to a monitor and reconstructs the movement sequence in real time, learning it by heart. The duration is determined by the time required for learning. The improvised movements turn into a choreographic composition. The spectator is asked to abandon the idea of performance as a product and to share the artist’s creative and emotional process.


Cristina Kristal Rizzo, a dancemaker based in Florence, has been active on the Italian contemporary dance scene since the early 1990s. She co-founded the collective Kinkaleri, with which she actively collaborated, touring the international contemporary dance scene and receiving several awards. In 2008, she began an independent path of choreographic production, establishing herself as one of the leading personalities of Italian choreography. Her latest works include: “MONUMENTUM the second sleep”, “TOCCARE The white dance” (Danza&Danza Best Contemporary Choreography 2020), “ULTRAS sleeping dances”, “VNSerenade”, “Prélude”, “ikea”, “BoleroEffect”. Alongside her artistic production, she has developed an intense activity of experimental proposals, conferences, workshops, advanced training and theoretical writing.


via Giovanni Pascoli 4, Santarcangelo



concept Cristina Kristal Rizzo/Kinkaleri
danza Cristina Kristal Rizzo
produzione 2004 Kinkaleri
cura e circuitazione dal 2022 TIR Danza

nell’ambito di DanzER, network promosso dal Tavolo Regionale della Danza e costituito dall’Assessorato Cultura e Paesaggio della Regione Emilia-Romagna, ATER Fondazione, Emilia-RomagnaTeatro Fondazione, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza e Rete Anticorpi

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