Jooklo Duo /


July 156 pm

Santarcangelo 2050 opens with an anomalous ritual of appeasement for thirty people, taken from the festival team and volunteers who responded to the call for collaborators to this complex edition. Fifty applications have arrived and that is a fantastic sign for us!
On Wednesday, July 15th at 6pm, position yourselves – spaced out – in Piazza Ganganelli, and something magical will happen… Accompanied by musical group Jooklo Duo who, using Virginia Genta’s animal saxophone and David Vanzan’s drums, and “transcending every distinction of genre and heading straight for the centre of sound”, will open doors (and windows) of perception. We have pictured an oneiric/hallucinated ceremony to inaugurate this “weird and eerie” edition, evoking the beloved Mark Fisher who was so attracted by the strange and disturbing assemblages of reality… Enjoy!

Virginia Genta (saxophone) and David Vanzan (drums) have been taking their intense, captivating and hypnotic music all over the world since 2003, involving every kind of audience from jazz connoisseurs to punk-rock fans, thanks to their free and immediate character, and ‘outside-the-box’ sound. The duo conducts a personal research defined as the most powerful expression of contemporary “free music”, transcending any definition of genre and heading straight for the centre of sound.

  • Piazza Ganganelli

duration 30'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)