Annika Pannitto / Madrid, Spain

On Hospitality. A practice of living together

October 11, 201821.00


On Hospitality is a choreography that emerges from a reflection on the notion of hospitality, from a bodily, visual and spatial perspective. The work is an attempt to generate a democratic structure in which the role of the stranger and the one that hosts are shared by the performers and the audience.

Annika Pannitto is a choreographer, dancer and researcher in the field of contemporary choreography. Her work rotates around the relation between dance and choreography and it is based on an interdisciplinary practice rooted in the relation between the human body, space and time.

free entrance
  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

a project by Annika Pannitto
in collaboration with Elisa D’Amico and Kim Schonewille