Agnese Banti, Andrea Trona Bologna, Italy

(o), sound immersion of Speaking cables

Bologna, Italy
April 17, 2024 6:30 pm / 7:30 pm / 9:15 pm
April 17, 2024 6:30 pm / 7:30 pm / 9:15 pm

Inside a circle of small loudspeakers installed within the geometry and the introspective darkness of an empty hall, the audience is welcomed to share an intimate, immersive and site-specific listening experience that rearranges and expands some of the vocal and musical ideas of the Speaking cables device, overturning its fruition mode, the chromatic image and the idea of stage presence / action. By leaving the narration to sound, the act of listening opens windows on an invisible, plural and dreamy world, in keeping with the ancestral idea of sound as the “art of darkness” and of the voice as an original substance capable of conducting collective rituals.


Agnese Banti, sound artist, musician and overtone singer, and Andrea Trona, musician and music computer scientist, have an ongoing artistic dialogue on sound installation, music and performance projects around the themes of sound, space and light. In 2023, they created the performance project “Speaking cables, choreographic device for voice, cables and loudspeakers”, supported by FONDO – Network for Emerging Creativity, which debuted at Santarcangelo Festival “enough not enough”.




di e con Agnese Banti e Andrea Trona

musica, voce Agnese Banti
informatica musicale, live electronics Andrea Trona
nell’ambito del progetto “Speaking cables, dispositivo per voce, cavi e altoparlanti”
grazie a Alice Diodovich, Antonio Rinaldi, Marta Vitalini, FONDO - Network per la creatività emergente, Grabinski Point, Spazio Samà

Supernova presents a programme for performing arts in Rimini curated by Motus, Santarcangelo dei Teatri, and the Municipality of Rimini