Anna Karasinska / Poland

New Creation

July 9, 10
and 12 to 1720.30

In Santarcangelo, Anna Karasinska will present a project realised with the support of the European project BE PART – Art BEyond PARTicipation. This new work will come to life in the frame of Buzzi-Unicem, an immense cement factory on the outskirts of Santarcangelo. Once the productive heart of the San Michele neighbourhood, Buzzi-Unicem shut down in 2008 and slowly crumbled into a castle-like mystery building towering over the city. Project location was the first step in reimagining the function of this space. The work resulted from the encounter between Karasinska’s practices and the people she met in Santarcangelo and Rimini, a group of non-professional performers from different backgrounds, sharing this particular space and time as a temporary destination of a journey that started somewhere else. Karasinska invited them to find a way of sharing their experiences through an open process, working with the notions of visibility, self-expression and belonging.

Anna Karasinska is an artist born in Poland. She studied fine arts, philosophy, and directing. Karasinska debuted in 2015 with the play Ewelina’s Crying and since then has become a much sought-after artist invited to work with many important institutions. She proposes an original method of creating performances, which she consistently develops in her new works. A characteristic trait of her shows is a radical formal simplicity, a disregard for hierarchy and the strong emotional involvement of the audience.

  • Ex cement factory
    via Santarcangiolese - Corner with via Santa Maria (San Michele)

Duration: 60 minutes.
Language: Italian and English.

Autore Anna Karasińska / collaborazione e luci Szymon Kluz / per questo progetto abbiamo incontrato Adel, Bercy, Barzan, Don Giancarlo, Diarra, Emmanuel, sig.ra Mara, Rosa, Olivia e Matilda / vorremmo ringraziare Bara, Elias, Mustapha, Nara, Diarra / in collaborazione con Fundacja Misto Literatury / inserito all'interno del progetto europeo BE PART cofinanziato dal programma Europa creativa dell'Unione Europea / spettacolo sostenuto da Istituto Polacco di Roma / traduzione italiana a cura di Vittorio Lauri, Paola Lucarelli.

Si ringrazia Buzzi Unicem S.p.a.