Chiara Bersani Piacenza, Italy

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Piacenza, Italy
07 July 8:30 pm
08 July 8:30 pm
09 July 8:30 pm
07 July 8:30 pm
08 July 8:30 pm
09 July 8:30 pm

No, there is no alliance between bodies now. Silence has fallen in the bones, and the folds of the joints create hollow caves. Touching you and making love is subversive, and I gaze ferociously at those asking me for words of comfort.

A group of boys and girls with disabilities get lost in the forest. Or maybe they were abandoned. Perhaps they were chasing love. Perhaps the forest simply grew around them one day. What could happen? What will become of their bodies? What about their hearts, their wheelchairs and crutches? What will their eyes see? What language will they speak? And those who find them, by chance or desire, how should they approach them? Can they do it? Will they be able to ask permission? “(nel) SOTTOBOSCO site-specific version” builds an environment where impromptu groups of people with disabilities can meet and become a community. There will be a sky above our heads, inaccessible and horizontal, in which sounds and lights will move with the same relentless pace of the expanding universe. An undergrowth will live under that sky, inhabited by the performers, the audience, sounds and lights that will tremble like bodies and plants. Micro-sounds, tiny worlds that inhabit these macro-forms, details that build an ever-changing living and listening spatial environment.


Chiara Bersani is a performer and author active in the performing arts, research theatre and contemporary dance. Her works are presented internationally and originate as creations in dialogue with spaces of various kinds aimed at an audience close to the stage. Her research as a performer and author stems from the concept of the Political Body and the creation of practices aimed at training its presence and action. “Gentle Unicorn” is the work-manifesto of this research. For her rigour in embodying this study, Bersani was awarded the UBU Prize as best new actress/performer under 35 in 2018.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

via Santarcangiolese, 809



azione, creazione, testi Chiara Bersani
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disegno luci, scena e direzione tecnica Valeria Foti
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