Santarcangelo '80 Revisited /

Photo exhibition curated by Uliano Lucas

July 817.30

There is liveliness at the end of thirty glorious years: in the ’80s, the legendary Slego and Aleph opened, respectively in Rimini and Gabicce; Devo arrived at the stadium; at Francesca Alinovi’s Settimana della performance, Lydia Lunch screamed at the Roman Lapidario with the New York no wave and the Confusional Quartet from Bologna. The Galleria dell’Immagine opened. The Riviera Romagnola is no longer ashamed of its pop success and has gone from being an imitator to being imitated.
Fabio Bruschi

It was an intoxicating collective party, an explosion of creativity and desire to communicate, the one in which I found myself immersed in July 1980 together with five other photographers – Carla Cerati, Mario Dondero, Maurizio Bizziccari, Maurizio Buscarino and Gian Butturini. Butturini, then director of the Galleria dell’Immagine in Rimini, decided to use our photographs to describe that year’s edition of the festival, the atmosphere, as well as the artistic and theatrical events, and we followed, with our different styles, the liveliness of the shows and the enthusiasm of the audience, the limelight and the offstage scenes that alternated and mixed up in a continuous game of representation and life. The result was an amusing and passionate story to be rediscovered fifty years later as an unusual testimony of an especially bright moment for Italian theatre and photography.
Uliano Lucas

Free entrance

fotografie di Maurizio Bizziccari, Maurizio Buscarino, Gian Butturini, Carla Cerati, Mario Dondero, Uliano Lucas / a cura di Uliano Lucas / promossa da Fabio Bruschi e Piero Delucca per P.A.M.Progetto Archivi Metropolitani#1 / in collaborazione con Lingue di confine.