Industria Indipendente / Italy


July 1020.30

Merende is a temporary occupation of space and time, where the principles of offering and hospitality shape artistic practice and togetherness. Since 2018, Merende has been a resident project at Angelo Mai that appears in different contexts and forms flowing into each other. With Merende, we offer the wish for a safe zone open to otherness. A public place where we can take off our shoes, stop, recognise each other, blend in, and initiate transformations. A place where recreation becomes an act of resistance. During Merende, you can get a tattoo, lose yourself among DJs and live sets, receive advice for uncomfortable messages and impossible projects, transform yourself, and learn different types of fortune telling. Covered in carpets, fabrics and symbols, Merende is ready to welcome guests and hosts.

Industria Indipendente is a performing and visual arts collective founded by Erika Z. Galli and Martina Ruggeri that crosses different languages and practices: performances, long-running happenings, installations and texts for theatre, museums, and independent and unconventional spaces.

Free entrance
  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell

Duration: 6 hours.
Free access for the whole duration of the event. Stay as long as you wish.

Sound Bunny Dakota Live Steve Pepe con la partecipazione e i progetti di Erika Z. Galli, Lorenza Accardo, Roberta Zanardo, Matteo Angius, Maddalena Lucarelli, Giorgina Pi, Timo Performativo, Giulia Mereghetti, Costanza Nani, Chiara Vigliotti and more.

"What do you deserve? Everything" - Merende 2020
© Laura Accardo