Fluxo / Santarcangelo, Italia

Maura Donohue

July 107.00 pm

A guided improvisation session to make you shake with joy, vibrate, laugh out loud, breathe and make new friends.

When you’re between one performance and the next, why not loosen your muscles up a bit, in nature’s green? Fluxo is a new concept of relaxation in the open, a high-quality routine that is offered to the citizens of Santarcangelo during the summer, and that is being shared with the artists, as hosts and leaders, during the days of the Festival. Participants are invited to rediscover their own body and its ability to move, with the aim of improving their psycho-physical condition and quality of life, both as individuals and as groups. The project is aimed at anyone who wants to join in, from age 6 to age 80, who is physically in shape or just plain sedentary: come on, start warming up!

single lesson: 5€

Registration on the spot from 6.30 pm. Remember to bring your own towel.

Info: Andrea Lombardi 335 812 6987 - andrealombardi.trainer@gmail.com

ph. Chico De Luigi