Ermanna Montanari / Marco Martinelli / Stefano Ricci / Daniele Roccato / Italy


July 1121.30

MADRE is the story of a son and his mother living on a farm: she has fallen down a well. Was she distracted? Is she losing her mind? Did she do it on purpose? This is not a dialogue; it is a diptych made up of two monologues. The son scolds her then goes looking for tools to pull her out. The mother confesses she is not afraid and she does not feel distressed. In this desolate landscape, what emerges is the allegory of an increasingly poisoned Mother Earth, the nightmare created by a technology that, instead of discretely helping humanity, imposes itself arrogantly in all its destroying power. From the text, interweaving Italian and Romagna dialect, two figures emerge. They are poised between the harsh reality of our times and the symbols of a threatening and indecipherable future. They resemble emblems of an oriental fairy tale. Three artists confront each other on stage, starting from a dramaturgy written by Marco Martinelli, mingling Ricci’s dreamlike live illustrations with Montanari’s magmatic vocal sonorities and the sweet and heartrending sounds of Roccato’s double bass.

A glimpse from the bottom of the well, the abyss, perhaps hell: a temptation to look behind the mirror and free ourselves from the compulsion to repeat? A performance that, using the power of its figures, goes much deeper than any political discourse.
Massimo Marino – Doppiozero

Ermanna Montanari, actress, writer and scenographer, is also the founder and artistic director of Teatro delle Albe, along with Martinelli. She has received international recognition for her original vocal research, including seven Ubu Prizes. She directed Santarcangelo 41 during a triennium shared with Chiara Guidi and Enrico Casagrande.

Stefano Ricci is an illustrator. He collaborated with periodicals and editors in Italy and abroad. He received a nomination for the 2000 ADI and the 2001 Compasso d’Oro Award. His works have been displayed in public spaces, galleries and festivals across the world.

Daniele Roccato is a double bass soloist and composer. He has performed, often playing his own compositions, in some of the world’s most prestigious festivals and concert halls. Several notable composers have written pieces for him, and he has recorded for ECM, Wergo and Sony.

Marco Martinelli is a dramaturg and director. He won seven Ubu Prizes, the Hystrio Prize and the Golden Laurel. His texts have been translated, published and staged in ten languages.

  • Parco Baden Powell

Duration: 60 minutes.

Language: Italian and Romagna dialect with English subtitles.

di e con Ermanna Montanari, Stefano Ricci, Daniele Roccato / poemetto scenico di Marco Martinelli / regia del suono Marco Olivieri / tecnico luci Luca Pagliano / direzione tecnica Enrico Isola, Fagio / realizzazione elementi di scena squadra tecnica Teatro delle Albe: Alessandro Pippo Bonoli, Fabio Ceroni, Fagio, Enrico Isola, Danilo Maniscalco, Dennis Masotti, Luca Pagliano / capi vintage A.N.G.E.L.O. / produzione e promozione Silvia Pagliano / organizzazione Francesca Venturi / relazioni con la stampa e consulenza Rosalba Ruggeri / disegno e veste grafica Stefano Ricci / produzione Teatro delle Albe-Ravenna Teatro / in collaborazione con Primavera dei Teatri, Associazione Officine Theatrikés Salénto / © Enrico Fedrigoli.