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July 1511.30 pm
July 16 11.30 pm

Nature reverberates its essence twofold.

Luce is a performance for Tesla Coil and CO2: a dancer placed on a high metal pedestal and two reels of Tesla, one in front of the other, duet by amplifying the cornucopia of lightning and thunderbolts. The Tesla coils, built by Masque by faithfully following the original design plans of the great Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, are nothing more than two powerful transceivers of free energy present in the surrounding medium, whose disruptive discharges are harmless to the human organism. The body draws its inspiration from the serpentine shape of lightning. In the contortion, the figure gives in to enigmatic movement without beginning or end; the suspended posture is a condition of lightness and, at the same time, of strength. Nothing more is required of it: to function, always.

Masque was born in 1992. The visionary power of their theatre is expressed in the complex dialogue that the company develops between philosophical discourse, the creation of prodigious scenic architecture, and the fundamental role of the Figure. In 2014, with the philosophers Carlo Sini and Rocco Ronchi, they created Praxis, School of Philosophy. Since 1994, they have curated and organised the Crisalide Festival.

More and more, Masque theatre seems to be the group which has most solidly emerged from the nineties. While others repeat themselves or get lost along the way, Lorenzo Bazzocchi and his companions continue a rigorous research on the body, the machine, the perception, the vision, keeping true to themselves but also always instating new territories, without narcissism or the craving to chase after what is fashionable.
Massimo Marino

  • Parco Baden Powell

duration 8'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)

con Eleonora Sedioli / ideazione e macchine Lorenzo Bazzocchi / tecnico di scena Angelo Generali / produzione Masque teatro