Marina Otero and Martín Flores Cárdenas / Argentina

love me

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Marina Otero has a project: to make her life an endless work of art. After Recordar 30 años para vivir 65 minutos – a collection of life fragments, past loves, lost secrets and stolen pictures – and Fuck Me – presented in Naples last year – she now brings to the stage Love Me, co-written with Martín Flores Cárdenas. This performance is a continuation of the previous one, yet it is very different, much more intimate. In Fuck Me, five performers embodied a narrative on the unforgiving effects of time on the body, nostalgia, past dreams and present limitations. In Love Me, Marina is alone on the scene, facing the violence she carries inside. The first version of the performance premiered in Buenos Aires, marking the artist’s farewell to the country where she lived until the age of 37, a separation that started her new life in Spain. The performance evolves by following movements and changes connected to the context it unfolds in, taking on a different shape according to the country or the city. It is the work of a foreigner on the run who cannot avoid moving and escaping because the identity of migrants corresponds with their journeys: the country they left no longer exists. Offering her body as a research subject, Otero tackles themes that concern us all, moving from an individual to a universal perspective: pain, the passing of time, love, death and violence.

Marina Otero was born in Buenos Aires in 1984 and currently lives in Madrid. She is a director, performer, author and teacher. Her project Recordar para vivir is a work that will last her entire life. Andrea, Recordar 30 años para vivir 65 minutos, Fuck me and Love me are all parts of this project. Otero presented her works in several countries, including Singapore, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, France, Peru, Chile and Argentina. As a teacher, she coordinates workshops and seminars in Argentina, France, Peru and Spain.

Martín Flores Cárdenas is a director and dramaturg whose texts have been translated into multiple languages and won prizes in several countries. Among the most significant there are Catedral, Quienquiera que hubiera dormido en esta cama, Mujer armada hombre dormido, Entonces bailemos and Entonces la noche.

  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

Duration: 45 minutes.

The show is not recommended to people suffering from epilepsy and heart disease, due to the use of strobe lights.

Con Marina Otero, testo e regia Marina Otero, Martín Flores Cárdenas / luci Matías Sendón / fotografia Nora Lezano / illustrazioni Martín Flores Cárdenas / produzione Mariano de Mendonça - Casa Teatro Estudio / distribuzione e management Studio Grompone / traduzione italiana a cura di Gerardo Ruiz Peralta.

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