Davide Enia / Palermo, Italy


July 149.30 pm
July 1510 pm

I saw the first landing in Lampedusa with my father. They landed at the pier in great numbers, mostly boys and girls. I was speechless. History was what had happened in front of us. History that you study in books and that fills films and documentaries.

Lampedusa, for some time now, is no longer just an island in the Mediterranean. It is the gateway to the hope of those who flee from war, from pain; it evokes stories of death, despair, but also of pity, brotherhood and dignity. Davide Enia lived on the island for a long time with his father and, in this work, he recounts the faces, the words, the songs, the smells, and fragments of life collected from meeting and opening dialogue with residents and doctors, volunteers and divers. Accompanied by the music of Giulio Barocchieri, he does so through gestures, looks and essential, necessary rhythms, far from any attempt at spectacle: the spectator is immersed in that precise emotional state, in the exact way of feeling that generated everything.

Playwright, actor, director and novelist, Davide Enia has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the Special UBU Prize in 2003 for Italia-Brasile 3 a 2 (Italy-Brazil 3 to 2), the Mondello International Literary Prize for his second novel, Appunti per un naufragio (Notes for a shipwreck) from which this show is taken, and which also won the 2019 UBU Prize as best new Italian text.

The most important show that has been staged by a great performer and a great Italian in recent years. The Abyss speaks to us of life and death, of death and resurrection, of being lost and being saved. Enia is not afraid of crossing personal experiences with those of others, and this intersection is the pivot of the story.
Franco Cordelli – Corriere della Sera

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duration 75'

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di e con Davide Enia / musiche composte ed eseguite da Giulio Barocchieri / una co-produzione Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri, Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, Teatro Biondo Palermo, in collaborazione con Festival Internazionale di Narrazione di Arzo / spettacolo tratto da Appunti per un naufragio (Sellerio editore)
anteprima in collaborazione con l'Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Rimini
foto Futura Tittaferrante